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    Discover Bitwig® Studio 2, the innovative music creation and performance software for all major platforms. Experience seamless integration of linear timeline sequencing together with nonlinear, performance-oriented clip launching and an intuitive user interface that adapts to each step of your workflow. Bitwig Studio is the single solution for realizing any musical idea across every stage of production.

    Bitwig can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It supports importing AIF, WAV, MP3 file formats.

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  • Battery is the most popular drum sampler on earth. Native Instruments product was chosen by lot of best EDM and Hip Hop producers. Sampler is having not only possibility of loading its own Battery format mapped 'sample drums sets'. The 4th edition was supplied with great effects and even side chain option. At the audio software market there are tons of Sample Players and ROMplers.....So why Battery is so popular? The most significant key to resolve this question is the great workflow, clean and visible options. Places where You do have Your own bought samples for Battery like Ours can be accessed with just mouse click. Our products in this category are 100 percent compatible with this NI product format. Battery can also load other most popular sample formats so if You are buying our sample packs then You can be sure that more formats are also included inside. Native Instruments Battery from beginning was product with huge success on the market, because it supports compatibility with all DAWS even with Pro Tools, it works great at Mac and Win both 32 and 64 bits systems. That is why as a great company we bring You products to the one of best software Sample Players in history of music. Right now You can checkout and download Samples, Packs for Native Instruments Battery sampler.

  • In our shop we are having almost all, if not all major and popular formats. We could not call us professional if we would not have the great Halion sampler player format included in some of our sample packs. Steinberg product is ultra-effective when it is all about to make a track using sampled instruments. We are having hardware sounds sound packs sampled into that wonderful sampler format (Fxp). What makes Halion so good...internal tools that makes writing music really simple, outstanding fx'es section that can give us producers even more sound creation availabilities. Time stitching and pitch shifting, and also loops chopping are standard in this sampler. Internal interface is clean and visible. Sampler Supports also multi monitor workflow option. Those elements of this great sampler gave us also an impulse to make samples in Halion Fxp format. There is nothing better than using great quality sampled hardware sound packs that You can buy in Our shop .It is all about to make great music with the best pieces of software....isn't it?

  • How many times You have looked up for great sound libraries that would be compatible with great Logic sampler? With Us You will not be disappointed. Lot of Our sound packs do have also mapped samples into Exs24 format. It means that great Electro House, Dance, Trance, House sample packs can be used without any problem in Your favourite Mac sample player. Bonus advantage of sample packs that are having Exs24 format is the fact, that all of them do have various sample formats. This great Logic Pro player as many of the best right now, do have arability of making zones and groups of particular solo or multi samples. That is not all...Inside there is built in sample editor. Envelopes, lfos and great filters enables You to do miracles with our soundware packs especially those done for Exs24. You do have Logic? Never tried it internal ultra-flexible sample player? Check it Out with Our sample packs, and You will find that Your tracks will be sounding professional.

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    Formed in 1994, Propellerhead® is the company that develops Reason® software. The most amazing thing about this workstation is the ability to become a virtual instrument controlled by other DAW software.

    Reason can be installed on Windows and Mac platforms. It supports importing REX, WAV, AIF, WMA, MP3, AAC file formats.

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  • Cakewalk logoCakewalk SONAR is a powerful workspace with great selection of virtual instruments and plugins to make the process of creating, mixing music and collaborating with others easier.

    SONAR can be installed on Windows platform. It supports importing AIF, WAV, MP3, ASF, AU, REX, FLAC file formats.

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    Tracktion software is known for its single screen interface and long list of premium features. It is designed to be powerful, easy-to-use and affordable recording platform.

    Tracktion can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It supports importing WAV, AIFF, OGG, WMA file formats.

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  • In this category You will find sample packs that are fully compatible with NN-XT Sampler. Everyone who is in-depth with Digital Audio Workstations software now that Propellerhead Reason is having closed structure. It means that You cannot use any kind of format, that is not compatible with this software music station. That is why we have once again thought about all music producers working with various software DAWS. Generally lot of sample producers are not so professional as us. Because of that you can choose large amount of sound packs, available in SXT format. NN-XT like every music tool inside Reason is having top notch availabilities of music creation. On board we can find tools for: layering, zone editing, pitch detection, lfo, filters, adsrs, wide range of velocity levels, modulation panel and many more useful options. That is why it is good to fill Reason internal sampler, and choose great samples especially done for: Various Trance styles, Techno, Hands Up, Electro, Hardcore, Dance, Hard Trance, Electro House, Ambient, Chillout and House. Check out mp3 demos, and hear how the quality of our soundware is outstanding. Price with comparison to the quality is really fair. Once again we are proud that every single producer visiting Lucid Samples shop, can be really happy and see that we can call us professionals in every detail. Finally, without hesitation choose your favourite sample packs, and start making great music in Reason right now!

  • Formerly known as Cool Edit®, Adobe Audition CC® is a great tool for audio recording and postproduction for radio broadcast, adding a soundtrack to video and many more. Audition is a part of Adobe CC Suite.

    Audition CC can be installed on Windows and Mac platforms. It supports importing AIF, WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA file formats.

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  • Mulab® is the lightest and the most portable from major DAW programs. It is developed by Mutools® as a powerful software to create, record, edit and play multi-track audio & music. Mulab is a proof that you don't need a overpowered computer to work in effective and stable software environment.

    Mulab provides great workflow with samples, support for VST, ReWire, MUX, MIDI and much more. A great enhancement for Mulab is a wysiwyg-like synth and effect plugin, called MUX Modular.

    Mulab can be installed on Windows and Mac platforms. It supports importing AIF, WAV, REX, MP3, OGG file formats.

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  • Native Instruments Kontakt is the most popular and one of the best samplers in software audio world. It gives great possibilities of creating the sampled instruments with tons of great effects and other things, which we usually see only inside synths. In our products library, You can choose those containing native Kontakt format (Nki), and download Kontakt Instruments directly to your hard drive. If you are using Kontakt, do not hesitate and check out what can you achieve, picking up our professional samples. Fresh and unique sounds specially created for latest music trends like electro house, tech house and also classic hardware synths samples can be used by You without any problems right now in this fantastic sampler. To make even more details, what can give you using our libraries in Kontakt, we need to add that shape of every sound sample can be changed drastically, because of so huge editing possibilities. That gives You point of creation process, using our samples in almost endless way.

  • Acoustica® company from Yosemite, US stands behind the development of Mixcraft® workstation. Its simplicity combined with great amount of features makes the software really powerful music creation tool.

    Mixcraft can be installed on Windows platform. It supports importing AIF, MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV file formats.

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  • FL Studio (former name Fruity Loops) is one of the most recognisable digital audio workstations in music industry and as the software gained popularity the name had changed. Now the DAW is used by many critically acclaimed names in DJ community like Deadmau5 and Martin Garrix for instance. The program is widely known for it is easy to understand interface and very fast work flow. For many DJ communities and Music Producers, the Digital Audio Workstation like FL Studio is the only form of pure expression that is why Lucid Samples is trying it's best to give the best FL Studio sample packs possible to producers who need inspiration and are used to variety of different styles are genres, the combination of FL studio DJ samples, and the software itself is near perfect, it blends well into great DJ sets and DJ mixes and it proven many times that our music production tools such as construction kits, drum loops, drum samples are great solution for FL studio users. What is also great, our mix tools are often characterised as diverse since we are releasing them in many popular formats compatible with magnificent FL studio like REX, Reason, Battery, Kontakt and many more including formats the obvious ones used widely like WAV and AIFF. Our flawlessly crafted DJ samples and FL studio is the perfect combination for achieving success as a well known music producer or recognisable DJ, your work will become more enjoyable in every possible aspect while reducing all nerve wrecking situations to the minimum. Give us a chance and fill up your FL Studio with fantastic sample packs to feel the pleasure of creating music on highest level.

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    Usine Hollyhock is a DAW made by professional musicians with live performance in mind. This is a modular environment ready to be used on stage as well as in studio.

    Usine Hollyhock can be installed on Windows and Mac platforms. It supports importing WAV, AIF, REX, OGG, FLAC, MP3 and many more audio file formats.

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  • Nowadays hardware is vastly changed to software and best controllers that can emulate the hardware. One of the best controllers modelled on classic hardware is Native Instruments Maschine.  That is why we also thought about users of this fantastic peace of gear. Checkout our samples, mapped directly to be ready to instant use in that fantastic beatbox. Lot of You are starting Your music production, with writing the drums rhythms first or second (after main riff and bass). Lot of You are using Maschine to make the beats, without losing too much time an make them sounding total pro. This is one of many places, where Lucid samples shows its strength! Some of Our sample packs, also do have huge variety of being used them in various software players, because of diversity in audio formats. 2step and Garage House fans will find really useful drums and other one hits samples to make tracks having appropriate sounds for genres demands. Maschine is great to fast and quick arrange all elements of drums section included in every professional track. Lucid samples, are having wonderful drums samples. Why not link them together, and make total banging hit right now!

  • Logic Pro has made a name in the music industry because of its reliability just like other Apple products - iTunes or perhaps iPod, all Mac users who want to create music and are searching for perfect Digital Audio Workstation should get their eyes on Logic Pro X the latest stable release of this software for music producers. With Logic Pro producing any music genre is a pure pleasure, from aesthetically blissful interface to amazing functionally Logic Pro is musicians dream of a perfect Digital Audio Workstation, that is why Lucid Samples came off with a line of perfectly blending with Logic Pro Sample Packs. We combine our passion to create highest quality sound samples, loops, construction kits and now it is the time to bring this to Apple Logic Pro DAW, no matter if you are interested in many music genres of only one but on a deeper level of engagement, our mix tools are ready for you to use in e.g. DJ sets, DJ mixes and as depth adding material for your new audio tracks made on Logic Pro X. Whether you use Logic Pro or Ableton or any other DAW which is commercially acclaimed we will provide you with excellent mix tools capable of creating beautiful sounds and tracks, try it for yourself and test out our free sample packs or listen to demo, you won't regret a bit.

  • Massive together with Sylenth 1 are two most popular software synths among professional producers society. Considering that fact, we also do have soundsets for this great and fresh sounding synth, created by Native Instruments crew. What are the genres that Massive is the best for? This monster synth is especially used in Electro House, Tech House and Dubstep releases. Because of the fact, we are introducing soundbanks especially having this kind of music great presets, that will make Your productions sound totally professional. Checkout the demos of the soundsets. You will find there great deep basses, cutting edge synth leads, nice plucks, various types of pads and lot of more types of great sounds. Massive is also well known for its great possibility of Bass creation. One can be really silky, one really deep,- great for Deep House, and another can be totally sharp perfect for Dubstep. Fantastic various Bass soundsets are waiting to be discovered by You today! All soundsets are top notch class, and every single preset was crafted to reach perfection. Do not wait....Check them OUT!

  • Ableton Live is one of the most known and loved Digital Audio Workstation and music sequencer in one. It is especially popular in UK DJ communities and music production. Ableton main principle which differs this DAW from others it's is user interface designed to work as a live instrument for performances at clubs or festivals and it is really making things easy for touring DJ's, but it also excels at being a normal Digital Audio Workstation as well. Since this wonderful software is in producers spotlight for so long, Lucid Samples established this category strictly for Ableton user, here you will find exclusive construction kits, drum samples and loops, one shot samples, beautiful vocal samples and many more high quality mix tools, ideal to use in Ableton DAW to create insane and one of a kind DJ set, mixes, audio tracks and simply to add something extra to pure intense live performances. This combination of our DJ samples and multifunctional software for producers is a rare sight and we think all of our users will really enjoy these benefits. Check out the demo, it really reflects what can you expect from samples in this category.

  • For few years since now software synths, are the same quality as a hardware units. One of best synths that can be run both on PC and Mac is classic Virtual Analog Sylenth1. Basic synth sound is perfect, fx section is fully equipped. Computer consumption is ultralow. Sounds inside synth can be also multi layered inside one patch. Perfect sounding Unison, possibility of panning, control of stereo spread of each oscillator independently for each layer, makes that this synth was used in huge numbers of tracks released by biggest and best producers around the globe. We also having really useful soundbanks, for this great synth. Top popular sounding presets, divided into proper genres are waiting to be checkout. If You want to create a track or even full album our Sylenth1 presets are great for this purposes. To give even more quality to Our soundsets, we have enhanced some of them with Midi files. In this way You can load both midi melody and preset sound into Sylenth1 in your favourite DAW.

  • Reason is widely known as extremely powerful Digital Audio Workstation developed by Propellerhead Software. It has everything needed to make magnificent DJ sets and music production and audio tracks, sequencers, samplers, synthesizers and many more. It is really intuitive to use and that is one of the most commonly stated argument for Reason as one of the most used DAW software available for DJ community and music producers. Reason for years have a staple software which built a large fan base in a relatively short period of time. What we want to do for users of Reason is giving them high quality music production mix tools completely compatible with this amazing DAW, ranging from construction kits, drum loops, drum samples, synths, loops and more tools depending on what do you need to prepare a fantastic DJ set or DJ mix in any genre you need of want to. Therefore if you want to have the perfect combination of best audio interface and quality, creative batch of DJ mix tool, your best bet is getting great sample packs for Reason and filling that sample library as much as possible. Reason DAW plus Lucid Samples, is the perfect combination for music producers and DJ's.

  • High Quality music production tools for free version of Apple digital audio workstation Garageband, only  second to Logic Pro X, make future great music, sounds and tracks. Enter the world of the best music producers in the world, get magnificent mixtools and start making professional DJ sounds and gain fame. In our collection of music production audio sampling tools, we include amazing Apple Loops, Garageband Samples, Sound Effects, Construction Kits, Apple Samples and many more. Here you can try them out with high quality demo. Garageband is compatible with .WAV and .AIFF extension files.

    About Garageband

    Free Digital Audio Workstation | Music Sequencer for OS X, very popular since it is included from the start on any Apple Operating System to this date, many producers and musicians are not upgrading to commercial flagship Apple DAW which is Logic Pro X since Garageband on it's own is a powerful piece of software which is capable of instrument recording, vocal acapella recording, making podcasts and many more. Garageband is compatible with most virtual instruments, VST plugins, synthesizers, audio samples and sample packs created by Lucid Samples.

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    PreSonus® is one of the DAW market leading software developers. Their StudioOne® is build by musicians for musicians. PreSonus is also designing and producing audio hardware.

    StudioOne can be installed on Windows and Mac platforms. It supports importing WAV, AIF, REX, OGG, FLAC, MP3 file formats.

    Click here to find the free/demo version.

Category description

In the specific categories you will find sample packs tested and compatible with Digital Audio Workstation software. The tests have been conducted by us and we manually checked each and every sample pack if they are compatible with each software.

Developers granted us with their software licenses and offered support and feedback during the tests. Through this cooperation we can present you the Dedicated DAW Categories.