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Sample Packs | Freshness and Quality from Lucid Samples

Sample Packs: New Quality from Two Distinct Labels

We are proud to announce that one of the best and well established label ProducerPacks has merged with Lucid Samples, nowadays the best label responsible for High Quality Sample Packs for DJ’s and Music Producers. Since the beginning many well-received producers admire music production tools made by Lucid Samples and that’s why the label keeps getting better and better each year. On their website you can only find unique sample packs available just there and nowhere else. Looking for a genre you’ve struggling to find anywhere else check out:

You may seem suprised but you’ll find everything you need including popular ProducerPack specials. There is also a variety of free sample packs which can be used by anyone without any limitations they only require some credit given to Lucid Samples Crew. If you are not still convinced just check the demoes of best sample packs in their offer and find out what you can gain from having music production tools from Lucid Samples