Glitch Vocal Mash Up | Best Glitch DJ Samples

Glitch Vocal Mash Up | Glitch That Beat Up



Glitch Vocal Mash Ups from Hanky Panky Samples features 100s of singing snippets chopped and prepared to load into your applications DAW. That packages contacts different vocal edits created for innovative sounds from House, Electro, Glitch, Dubtsep, electro and more. Get that exclusive downloadable trial package today.

This pack contains:

512 Glitch Vocal Snippets
81 Voice Loops (127 BPM)
161 Voice Reverses
Size: 634 MB unzipped / 754 Files

Glitch Vocal Mash Up

Glitch Vocal Mash Up

Get Dark n Nasty Electro | Best Electro DJ Mix

Get Dark n Nasty Electro | DJ Samples



Get Dark n Nasty from Hanky Panky trials features up to the moment dark, nasty and sexy electro style drums, melodic loops and one shots accessible in wav and rex2 formats. Also involved within the package are sampler patches primed and ready for make use.

The package includes:
Drum and Melodic Loops
130 Drum Loops – Acidized WAV
130 Drum Loops – REX2
90 Melodic Loops – Acidized WAV
90 Melodic Loops – REX2
Drums Kits
137 Single Drums – WAV
12 Ni Battery Patches/ Kits
12 Logic EXS24 Patches/ Kits
12 Kontakt Patches/ Kits
12 FXP Patches/ Kits
12 KT3 Battery files
Sampler Patches
40 Single Notes – WAV
36 EXS patches
36 FXP patches
38 NKI patches

Total: 812 Files
Size: 442 MB unzipped
Tempo of loops: 125 BPM, 126 BPM, 127 BPM
Formats: Acidized WAV, REX2 + Sampler Patches (exs, nki, fxp, kit, kt3)

Get Dark n Nasty Electro

Get Dark n Nasty Electro

FrontLine Dubstep Tools | Dubstep Essentials

FrontLine Dubstep Tools | DJ Samples



Straight out of Brixton town, south London, 1Big 1 Small from globe well-known underground label, DPR Records, makes the ultimate Dubstep trial package that contains all the dubbed out audio files you will ever demand to create innovative Dubstep music. That package has been very carefully put together from zero to offer you definitive edge over everybody else on the world. All audio tracks are in WAV format and they are suitable with all applications devices that make use of wav format.

The package contains:

Bass Stabs – 3 files
Brixton Dubbed Out FX – 9 files
Drum Roll – 1 file
Dubstar Drum Kit – 10 files
Dubstep Kit 70 BPM – 15 files
Effects – 66 files
Guitar Super Skanks – 3 files
Horns & Sax – 11 files
Multis – 48 files
Rasta Vocal Snips – 4 files
Sound FX – 65 files
Speech (Various) – 30 files
Sub Guidance – 3 files
SW16 Bass – 3 files

Total: 271 Wav Samples
It is appropriate for Drum-and-Bass, Dub, Dub-Tech, Dubstep etc.

FrontLine Dubstep Tools

FrontLine Dubstep Tools

Dope House EFX | House FX at Best

Dope House EFX | House Sample Packs



Dope House EFX from Hanky Panky Samples can be  characterised as uplifting & down lifting House effects such as break downs, sweeps, noises, bleeps, impacts and far more inside. All the results developed in that package are created particularly for House and electronic sound makers.

That trials are of quite high excellence and are one hundred% royalty free for make use of involving your music compositions. Grab this unique package today.

The package contains:

410 Dope House Efx
101 Dope House Efx – Reverses
Size: 1,28 GB unzipped
Format: 24 Bit Wav / 44.1 kHZ

Dope House EFX

Dope House EFX

Dirty House Tools | Best House DJ Samples

Dirty House Tools | House Mixtools



UK House Don, Jeremy Sylvester delivers us this excellent set of trials from his individual audio library set. Jeremy is not a new person in the House sound world. He has published records on numerous of the scenes elite record labels, including Azuli Records, Defected Records, Strickly Rhythm, Sony BMG, EMI, Positiva, Diamond House Records, Stealth Records to name just a few.

That download package includes very unique and sort after trials from a collection which has been developed over plenty years as a maker on the worldwide House & underground scene.

That Library is outstanding if you are only staring out in production, or if you are aprofessional maker.

The pack contains:

04 Bass sounds
03 Congo takes
11 Disco loops
62 Drum samples
7 Drum parts
9 Electro 1
12 Electro 2
31 Loops 1
27 Loops 2
1 Pad (2:08 lenght sound)
20 Soundz 1
25 Soundz 2
23 Vocal 1
17 Vocal 2

Format: 16 Bit wav / 44.1 KHZ
Size: 219 MB unzipped

Dirty House Tools

Dirty House Tools

Dirty House Club Drums | House DJ Set

Dirty House Club Drums | DJ Samples



DIRTY HOUSE CLUB DRUMS is precisely what it announces on the tin. 100 club banging dirty house grooves for all kinds of EDM types including Tech House, Progressive, Deep, Big Room, Funky, Future Garage, Nu Skool Garage, Minimal & more. If you are searching for ultra fat and tight grooves, do not look any further than this excellent package produced by UK house music producer  and excellent artist Jeremy Sylvester (Azuli, Defected, Stealth, Urban Dubz, Diamondhouse, Atlantic Jaxx).

CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE: 100 Drum Loops (Full Loops & No Kick loops)
SIZE: 274 MB unzipped


Dirty House Club Drums

Dirty House Club Drums

Dirty Electro Essentials | Best Electro DJ Mix Tools

Dirty Electro Essentials | Electro Sample Packs



Lucid Samples provides Dirty Electro Essentials produced by lengendary House music producer Jeremy Sylvester from Azuli Records / Stealth Recordings UK / Atlantic Jaxx/ Love House Records. That package is a must purchase – it is what you are searching for –  Toolroom Records / Mark Knight vibe, with all the components you will require to create Dirty Electro sounding records.

Make dirty electro vibes with a great choice of one shot synths and hits to provide your productions a tougher electro sound together with a great range of up to the minute electro style beats and loops to make the maximum harm on the club dance floors.
It is a pack which consist of  80 royalty free Vocal parts which can be made use of in your productions with no the hasstle of attempting to get clearance. All vocals are specifically made for this test package.

Make no error, once you have bought this download package, your records will sound like many of the greatest club bangers available, so do not wait, and buy that unique trial package right now!!
All trials are royalty FREE!! and available within your productions.


42 Electro Loops
53 Vocal phrases
37 One Shots / Dirty Synth hits
05 SFX
24 Various Vocals

Total: 161 Files
Size: 128 MB unzipped
Format: 24 Bit Wav / 44.1 kHZ

Dirty Electro Essentials

Dirty Electro Essentials

Dirty Dutch House Loops | Dutch DJ Mix

Dirty Dutch House Loops | DJ Samples



Man V Loops offers Dirty Dutch House Loops by Amsterdamage Music. Dutch House Often referred to as “Dirty Dutch” is the more difficult of the eletro house sound presently very trendy in the clubs worldwide. The design initially comes from the Netherlands and it was championed by revolutionary makers and DJs including Laidback Luke and Afrojack. That unique pack includes amazing proven hard edge Afro/Latin House loops created to provide highest influence on the dance floors. It also includes  different one shots, effects and synth lead sounds to get your body pulsating.

That package goes in multiformats which consist of 24 Bit Wav, Apple Loops/ Aiff, MIDI and Rex2 files compatible with most trendy software devices including Reason, Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Halion, Pro Tools and much more.
Give your tracks  DIRTY DUTCH vibe…

The package contains:

48 Afro Loops 130 BPM (24 Bit Wav)
48 Afro Loops 130 BPM (Apple Loops/ Aiff)
48 Afro Loops 130 BPM (REX2)
25 Effects (24 Bit Wav)
44 Lead Synths (24 Bit Wav)
44 Lead Synths (Apple Loops/ Aiff)
41 Lead Synths (REX2)
28 MIDI Synth Leads
12 One Shots (24 BIt Wav)

Total: 338 files
Size: 376 MB unzipped

Dirty Dutch House Loops

Dirty Dutch House Loops

Deep Tech Elements | Best Tech House Samples

Deep Tech Elements | DJ Sample Packs



Deep Tech Elements is underground explosion of audio and trials for EDM makers created for greatest floor destruction. Dirty, Sexy, Deep Tech house vibes concentrated on present trends. It features more than 341 MB of the finest Deep Tech flavours. Dirty drums, shuffling beats, tight minimal grooves, chord hits, one shots, percussive loops, full drums, top drums (no kicks), sexy vocal fx loops, deep bass hits, vocal one shots and significantly more.

This particular device is adjustable to the same style such as all forms of deep house, classic 90s style house and nu-skool garage music. Effortless to create quick grooves and patterns to get influenced for your next Beatport chart topper.


50 – Top Drum Loops: Exclusive drum loops kick-free and ready to roll.
50 – One Shots & Bass: Edgy one shot, hits, samples and bass notes
50 – Full Drum Loops: Essential full drum loops finely tuned to perfection.
33 – Synth Loops: Various synth groove patterns
27 – Vocal FX: Sexy vocal fx loops
123 – Vocal One Shots: Edited short vocal one shots for any tech house arrangement.

Size: 324 MB (Unzipped)
Files: 463
Tempo: 126 BPM

Deep Tech Elements

Deep Tech Elements

Deep House Progressions | Best DJ set mix

Deep House Progressions | Sample Pack



Deep House Progressions is a professional test package for challenging Deep House Producers. It catches the essence of Deep House with Sexy, erotic, pulsating MIDI chords riffs and patterns with driving basslines.

That EXCLUSIVE 166 MB collection offer more than 260 royalty free trials which were produced by New York maker and music performer Ray Diaz. It includes high excellence music patterns, Chord hooks, Bass line hooks & Keyboard Riffs that will put in life into your audio productions and take it to a completely new degree.

All of those materials were mastered by Ray Diaz Pro Tools HD TDM studio making use of just the ideal and leading music production tools. All data has been passed through our high excellence control system to make sure that all content is completely checked and performs well in all your software.

This trial package gives you an opportunity to make Deep n Soulful House music like your favourite musicians and music makers including Kerri Chanldler, Lil Louis Vega, Jimpster, Dennis Ferrer, Oscar P, Dj Disciple, Grant Nelson, Pepe goa, Duce Martinez, Sammy Rock and others. That package is a proper treat for Deep House makers, so do not wait and buy that Brand new test package right now to download it and make use of it immediately within your music productions.

The package includes:

65 Bass Midi Files
65 Piano Midi Files
50 Bass Wav Files
81 Piano Wav Files
Total: 261 Samples
Formats: Wav, Midi

These types of sounds are appropriate for Deep-House, Deep-Tech, Minimal-House, Tech-House etc.

Deep House Progressions

Deep House Progressions